Equator Coffee Mill Valley

Equator Coffee A small coffee bar with a laid back, Southern California surf vibe, Equator is the place to see and be seen most weekend mornings in Mill Valley. Whether you rock up on your bike in full lycra kit to caffeinate before your big group ride or simply stop in for your morning espresso and cronut fix while reading the paper on the outdoor patio, Equator welcomes everyone. With two locations now in Mill Valley, the sustainable coffee empire is growing. Equator farms their own coffee down in Panama and roasts it right in Marin. The original coffee bar for the company sits next door to the Proof Lab surf shop on Hwy 1 at Tam Junction. Although the views may not exactly be scenic here, the location is extremely convenient for anyone headed to Muir Woods, Tennessee Valley, Mt. Tam, Stinson Beach, or any of the other Marin playgrounds for the day. The company opened a second location in the heart of downtown Mill Valley, on the corner of Throckmorton and Miller Ave. Equator serves a wide-variety of coffee, from classic blends to seasonal single-origin roasts, as well as a simple list of espresso based drinks (no Frappuccinos here). Tea drinkers don't fret—you will find a variety of loose leaf teas on offer as well. The food menu includes sweet and savory options from Beth’s Community Kitchen along with other locally-sourced products including gluten-free and vegan treats from Flour Craft Bakery.