Sternen Grill Zurich

To find the best bratwurst in Zurich, look no further than Sternen Grill near the theatre district. Open since 1963, Sternen's speciality is the St. Galler bratwurst, served with twin sourdough rolls baked together called bürli (pronounced “bear-leh”), also from the St. Gallen area of Switzerland.  The St. Galler or Olma bratwurst was invented as early as 1438, but not patented until almost 300 years later. The soft, smooth, white interior of this crispy brown grilled sausage is made from a combination of veal enriched with pork bacon, various spices, and fresh milk. Everyone knows the ingredients, but it is the recipe mix that makes all the difference and something which every butcher keeps strictly under lock and key. Even though not traditional, make sure to load up on spicy mustard and grab a beer to help wash everything down. Sternen Grill offers both a takeaway/standup style section and a causal sit down restaurant, which also serves salads and Germanic classics such as wienerschnitzel. For those of you wanting one last bratwurst fix before you fly out of Zurich, a Sternen Grill food truck now brings this tasty snack to the airport, outside of Check-In 3.