Falafel Gabai Tel Aviv

The king of Israeli fast food, falafel consists of balls made of mashed chickpeas, fried, and usually eaten in a pita with salad and sauce. Almost every city corner in Tel Aviv houses a small kiosk claiming to prepare the best falafel in town, offering all kinds of sides and salads included in the reasonable price. Since 1946, falafel lovers have flocked to Falafel Gabai (and actually waited in line) for their perfectly crispy options. If it's classic falafel you are after, this is the place. Located just a few minutes walk from Dizengoff Square, the falafel are made fresh on the spot and stuffed into freshly baked pita along with salad, tahini, and hot sauces. Be sure to tell the friendly staff you want the works--don't hold back as it's all part of the experience. For NIS 16, the equivalent of $4, you get an overstuffed pita that could easily feed two, all conveniently wrapped in a plastic sleeve--grab a fork and sit at one of the tables lining the street in order to watch the world go by as you chow down. During winter, everyone raves about the soups and if you don't like falafel for some crazy reason, schnitzel and other traditional dishes are on offer. As amazing as the falafel is at Gabai, my heart still belongs to L'As Du Fallafel in Paris. But don' tell the Israelis that.