Seven Hills Hotel Restaurant Istanbul

Seven Hills Hotel For one of the best panoramic views in the entire city of Istanbul, head to the rooftop restaurant of the Seven Hills Hotel in Sultanahmet. Situated in between Aya Sofya and the Sultan Ahmet or Blue Mosque, you can dine on fresh seafood and Turkish meze as you enjoy the warm breeze and watch the sky slowly change from bright blue to deep shades of purple, red, and orange, serving as the perfect backdrop to these historic structures. Be sure to seek out the waiter named Kinyas and ask for his own special "little little in the middle" creation. A huge platter of grilled vegetables and a variety of the day's local catch from the Marmara Sea will soon appear perched in the middle of your table. As you devour grilled red snapper, king prawns, and sole with the dueling ezan or call to prayer serving as your dinner soundtrack, you will be hard pressed to think of a better place to be at that moment. If you are looking for a unique place to stay, the boutique hotel features 15 rooms and 5 suites, all decorated in Ottoman style.