Make Your Own Clotted Cream

Make Your Own Clotted Cream

Clotted Cream Tea time is very serious business in the UK. Whether it is during elevenses, when you just need a cup to get you through the rest of the morning, or a proper Sunday afternoon tea (or my personal favorite royal tea - afternoon tea with a little champagne thrown in) at some fancy hotel that includes tiers of dainty crustless finger sandwiches, scones, and petit fours. Cream tea, although less extravagant, is more common, where a pot of tea is served alongside a simple snack of scones with clotted cream and jam. One of the big things I miss from living in England is the clotted cream- you just can't find it in California. So, what is one to do when they move away from the source of goodness? Learn to make your own of course.

Clotted Cream Recipe

Originating in the southwest of England (Devon and Cornwall still fight over who exactly came up with it), clotted cream is divine when smeared atop warm scones together with a hint of jam. The clotted cream should last for around 3-4 days in the fridge.


  • 2-3 cups heavy cream - ideally unpasteurized or at least not heavily-pasteurized


1. Pour the cream into a heavy-bottomed oven-safe dish—you will want something with a large surface area like a lasagne pan. The cream should come up the side about 1-2 inches. 2. Place the dish in a 180°F oven. 3. Leave the cream in the oven overnight or for 10-12 hours. You will know it is done by the thick yellow skin or clots on top of the cream and the entire concoction has reduced by about half. 4. Let the dish cool to room temperature, then place in the refrigerator to let the cream cool down completely and set (a few hours at least). 5. Scoop out the clotted cream into individual serving pots, warm up some scones, grab some jam, and enjoy!

I found this YouTube video which shows you the process and end result—all pretty straightforward really.

How to Make Clotted Cream