Five Scarf Typing Apps

Five Scarf Typing Apps

For the frequent traveler, scarves are the must have fashion accessory. Worn by both men and women in almost every country across the globe, a scarf adds that little bit of something extra - a special finishing touch - and a colorful scarf can serve to brighten up a normal all-black or monotone travel ensemble. Normally when you think of scarves, you tend to envision chic European women (and men!) making an effortless and elegant fashion statement. For those of us not brought up with beautiful scarves draped around our necks, we may need a little extra help tying one. Let the following five apps be your guide.

Hermès Silk Knots (free): Parisian woman seem to know exactly how to tie a scarf in order to look fabulous. For those fortunate enough to own a real Hermès scarf and even  for those who aren't, the Silk Knot app delivers step by step written and best of all, video guides on how to tie 15-20 of the most popular knots.

Scarf Fashion Designer (free): This app features over 60 step by step illustrated guides on tying knots for everything from the most popular neck scarf and head scarf styles, to bag scarves and scarf belts.

How to Tie a Scarf (free): Applicable to both men and women, this app introduces 25 different knots for some cool and practical scarf tying techniques. Different knots are outlined for adding a touch of color around your neck, creating a fashion accent, or protecting yourself against the cold.

How to wear a hijab? ($1.99): If you plan to travel to an Islamic country, women might want to consider wearing a headscarf in more conservative areas. As much as I try, I can never get my headscarf to look quite as beautiful and put together as the Muslim women. This app can offer some assistance with detailed instructions for different techniques of tying the hijab, including photos and step by step instructions.

iScarf (free): A guide through 64 different knots applicable to both men and women for fashionable and practical scarf tying.